Designing Hearts

Designing_HeartsCOMING June 1, 2015. Click the cover image to pre-order your copy of the 5×8 trade paperback.

Jill Hennessy is the envy of women everywhere. She has a flourishing interior design business, a handsome celebrity talk show host husband, and two successful adult sons. Then, suddenly, the entire world knows her “perfect” marriage is a lie. Jill learns the truth via a televised news flash exposing David’s affair with his young assistant. Her illusion of being in control of her life is shattered, and she can finally see the cracks in her husband’s shiny persona: his increasing distance from their family life, his self-absorption, his flagrant disapproval of their gay son.

As Jill struggles to come to terms with her new reality, David pours on the charm that drew her in to begin with. Can she forgive him and rededicate herself to his happiness and their family life, even if that means losing Denny, a respected artist who has the potential to be her true soul mate?

Jill is an expert in feng shui, a system of organization and color in the home meant to optimize life’s possibilities. She has a rare talent for putting her clients on the road to health, wealth, and happiness. Can she work these same miracles for herself?

2 Responses to Designing Hearts

  1. Marian says:

    Can’t wait to read!!!

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Read Designing Hearts a few months ago and loved it! A story about a mature woman struggling to recover from a rough roll of the dice. I had a similar experience after a long marriage and could relate to Jill’s frustration, adjustment, fears, and acceptance of a wonderful new life. Will research feng shui to learn more about how it can improve my world.

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